Duotone  Pump XLarge

Duotone Pump XLarge

Regular price $70.00

Pumping your kite didn't go fast enough? Then you need the Duotone Kite Pump XL. The XL version of the kite pump has more volume so you need less pumps to fill your kite! Just like the standard version of the Duotone kite pump, the XL also has a double-action and a single-action stand. Start pumping up your kite in the double-action stand and do the last few pumps with the single action stand so that you can pump up your kite as hard as you want for higher pressure. The pump is equipped with a good pressure gauge so you always know if your kite is hard enough. The Duotone Kite pump XL can be used to inflate kites with the valves of Duotone and North but also boston valves like those on Naish, Cabrinha and Core.  Includes heavy duty hose for long life of use.

  • Extra Large, fast pumping
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Sturdy Hose
  • Single and double action
  • Three valves

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