About Us

EAST OF MAUI SURF SHOP is proud to offer our customers the finest products available for SURFSKIMKITE and STANDUP PADDLE BOARDING

One of the key differences between EAST OF MAUI SURF SHOP and most other "SURF SHOPS" is our diversification into a wide variety of water sports. We are fully stocked with KITEBOARDSTANDUP PADDLEBOARDSKIMBOARDSKATEBOARD and KAYAKgear.

We use what we sell so you can be sure our products can stand up to your demands. We also have the coolest CLOTHING, FOOTWEAR AND ACCESSORIES to keep you looking good on the beach and on the town. Everything on the Dewey Beach outside deck is always ON SALE so no need to wait until our huge MIDNIGHT MADNESS SALE in August to stock up on cool clothes.

EAST OF MAUI SURF SHOP's owners and employees are a team of dedicated board riders . If we are not in the shop working we are usually on the water KITEBOARDING,SURFINGSTAND UP PADDLE BOARDINGWINDSURFINGKAYAKING orSKIMBOARDING.

We would love to get the chance to share our love of water, wind and waves with you!