Cabrinha Mantis V2 Windowless
Cabrinha Mantis V2 Windowless

Cabrinha Mantis V2 Windowless

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The Mantis V2 is the next evolutionary leap in wing design. Big steps have been taken to further develop the popular Mantis platform to optimise use through the whole range.
The original Mantis set a benchmark with regards to leading edge rigidity, and this year it has been even further refined, culminating in an ultra-rigid frame and refined profile. Combined with a pretensioned canopy, this gives a crisp high performing product that maintains its performance through a wider range of conditions.
Refined sizing and wingspans allow for more progressive power in the small sizes, while the wingtip shape adjustment helps deflect water during start up, and also allows for deeper profiles to aid in power delivery.
The Mantis V2 showcases Cabrinha’s forward driving wing program and puts the ultimate in technology and efficiency into your hands to maximise water time and performance.


• NEW High centre-LE diameter and progressive taper for improved stiffness & canopy tension • Controllable power in wide range of conditions
• HD large diameter closing seam construction
• Balanced dihedral for power-to-stability ratio
• High rigidity single strut for low weight and predictable depower
• Nano Ripstop Canopy
• High Tenacity Dacron
• Kevlar wing tip reinforcement

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