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Loaded 5th line high depower c-kite Most direct kite in NKB line Best unhooked performance Aggressive lift Responsive power delay The Vegas is a kite that needs no introduction, for years it has sat at the pinnacle of freestyle riding, powering the world’s best riders to the top of their game. Over the years it has evolved, and it is now much more than just a freestyle kite. Different tuning options allow you to set the kite up for wakestyle and freeride options, as well of course, as freestyle. It has the best pop in the North range, offering extreme...

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2014 North Kites, North, North Kite, North Kites For Sale -

Loaded 5th line hybrid design Best wind range in the NKB line up Best hangtime Excellent upwind ability Short, efficient depower stroke Sheet & go power development The Rebel was a game changer when it was first launched all those years ago. Since then it has remained the best selling kite in the North Kiteboarding range year on year. There are so many fans out there that fly the Rebel week in week out and love it. With good reason, the Rebel is one of the most stable kites on the market, making it perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts alike. The kite offers responsive steering, even when...

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