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Hamboard Bamboo Fish

The Bamboo Fish™   at 4’5”x17” was inspired by the early 70’s fast and loose Fish surfboard, the Hamboard Fish is just as agile out the of water as its namesake was in it. The Fish offers the maximum maneuverability, specialized rail-to-rail driving turns, speed, power, and pumping acceleration for a ride that’s no stranger to the forces and sensations of surfing.
A favorite among surfers and those who just like to carve and feel speed, the Fish is the “sports car” of the Hamboard® line. The Fish offers a choice of natural bamboo or a psychedelic hand-painted (no two are alike) retro design which captures the love of old-school shortboard surfing.
Note: This high quality bamboo board is less expensive than the hand painted Fish™ due to the labor and material costs involved in the colored Fish™.
The Bamboo Fish™ Designed, finished, and assembled at our shop in Huntington Beach, CA containing 100% “Green” renewable Bamboo and comes complete with wheels, trucks and bearings.
Weight Limit: We haven't found one! We have had riders up to 380 lbs. shredding our boards with no problem at all. 

Deck Surface: Ultra Violet Light cured, clear grip surface
Wheels: ABEC 11’s top of the line 90mm Flywheels.
Trucks: Original’s state of the art torsion truck the S8.
Bearings­: BILTIN Abec 7 bearings.