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ZAP SKIMBOARDS is one of the most established and recognizable names in skimboarding, building boards for hundreds of thousands of riders all over the world since 1983. Yet with all of that success we’ve managed to stay grounded. We’re still just a small group of craftsman, artists, and dreamers who handmake every board right here in Venice, Florida.


EXILE SKIMBOARDS Manufactured only from the highest quality fabrics, resins, and PVC core, our boards are well tested by the best skimboarders in the world, in the heaviest conditions on earth. With numerous shapes, sizes, and options, we are sure to have the board that will satisfy your skimboarding needs.


VICTORIA SKIMBOARDS Started in 1976 by Tex Haines and Peter Prietto, Victoria Skimboards is the most authentic and innovative skimboard company in the world today. We have dominated the market for over 30 years which in today's world of pop up companies and slick marketing is an amazing feat. Starting with the elongated wood board shapes of the late 60's and 70's, Victoria Skimboards progressively refined board shapes, introduced rocker, introduced the first foam core boards in 1980, developed the first regular use of the high tech polyvinyl foam, and refined the vacuum bagging techniques used by the vast majority of the industry today.

Today we continue to "reinvent" our product and processes to higher levels of sophistication and performance. Our team of verifiably the best riders in the world is one of the keys to our skimboard quality. What the riders get in their boards, you get in your board. What I learned as a kid at age 11 skimboarding on Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach California and everything to this very day is incorporated into your board. Your board will have an extremely refined shape, balanced rocker, detailed rails, and be absolutely the best board on the market for the best price. Victoria Skimboards ....... "No-Ka-Oi" ....... Nothing Is Better. That is our promise to you, from everyone at Victoria.