north kites usa

Introductory lessons 75$/ hour
1 hour group lesson. If you are interested in learning about kiteboarding for the first time or even if you have some experience but never had professional lessons, this is the right course for you! We will start with a solid foundation, utilizing power kites, simulators, and demonstrations. When you move into more advanced lessons you will have an excellent understanding of wind, equipment, and your environment. Our immediate goal is for you to be able to practice safely and understand what are acceptable conditions and environments to practice in.

Beginner lesson 390$ private/ 280$ group lessons SAVE 110$ per person
3 hour lesson. In the beginner lesson our goal is getting you to a level 1 PASA certified kite boarder. After this course you will be completely capable of going out and practicing on your own, safely, and with confidence. We really focus on spending time both on land and in the water to begin with visualization and muscle memory - so when it's your time to get up on the board, you will be both physically and mentally ready!

Progression lesson 360$ private/ 290$ group lesson SAVE 70$ per person
3 hour lesson. You now have complete control of the kite and own all of the skills we built during intro and beginner lessons. It is time to master power strokes(dives) with the kite, and your first water start on the board. During this lesson, we also focus on knowledge of meteorology and risk assessment so you can plan a safe entrance and exit from the water. As we progress through the lesson, we want to on controlling your speed with excellent kite and board handling.

Advanced lesson 130$/ hour
Now it is time to put all your training to the test. You are successfully completing water starts on the board and are closing in on staying upwind consistently on every ride. Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to work the board and kite in harmony for extended rides. Depending on your skill level, we will begin to work on basic turns and transitions so you can ride with style in no time!

Supervised riding 120$/ hour
This is for the already advanced kiteboarder who want to build on their knowledge and abilities. You will be riding side by side with one of our instructors. We can work on any areas of your performance that you want to improve on, show you new skills, as well as certify you to become level 2 & 3 PASA certified kiteboarder.

**The amount of hours it takes to achieve PASA levels 1,2, & 3 vary, some clients take longer, some take much less time... it’s all up to the riders abilities, physical fitness, and experience in the water.